9.30.2006,10:13 PM
Day Fourteen: The Road to Nowhere

And with regrets I rode home today.

I pulled in shortly after 3 pm, unloaded but not unpacked, tried to take a jaccuzi bath (don't ask), popped an antihistamine (allergies; don't sneeze in your helmet: it makes a mess), and fell asleep.

I have to admit, I didn't want to stop riding, but keep going. Maybe to Arkansas? Alaska? Maine with the fall foliage? So many places to ride, places to see and people to meet.

Will someone please invent a flashdrive for my brain??? It would be so much easier to record the narrative while riding. (Conversations with Suicidal Bugs, etc)

The entire time, I was never alone. John Steinbeck had his dog, Charlie, I had Whee, my bike (he even barks sometimes). My companions were the surroundings that I rode through, many memories unshelved and dusted off, my thoughts (I really need a voice recorder of some type), numerous new people I met on the road, and a few special friends that rode with me in spirit.

Most of all, my shadow was my faithful companion and never left my side.

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