9.05.2014,4:16 PM
Lead kills birds
by Mary Oliver
Here is a story
to break your heart.
Are you willing?
This winter
the loons came to our harbor
and died, one by one,
of nothing we could see.
A friend told me
of one on the shore
that lifted its head and opened
the elegant beak and cried out
in the long, sweet savoring of its life
which, if you have heard it,
you know is a sacred thing.,
and for which, if you have not heard it,
you had better hurry to where
they still sing.
And, believe me, tell no one
just where that is.
The next morning
this loon, speckled
and iridescent and with a plan
to fly home
to some hidden lake,
was dead on the shore.
I tell you this
to break your heart,
by which I mean only
that it break open and never close again
to the rest of the world.
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8.31.2014,10:47 PM
I am alive
When I was little, I talked to animals.
When I was a child, I asked why.
When I was a teenager, I lived in books.
When I was a young lady, I wrote poetry.
When I was a mother, I marveled at creating life.
When I was middle-aged, I juggled life's demands.
When I was older, I asked why and changed the answers.
Now that I am old, I talk to animals, rocks, clouds and water. I ask questions and smile at the many answers. I travel in books, on wheels, and through airwaves. I write poetry and prose about all the demands that were and a new simple life. I capture what I see in words and pictures, and fill my heart with family and good people. I play with animals and fly with birds. I might wear different colored socks, sing in the shower, or fill my hours with no human voice but with sounds of wind, birds, trees, and water.

When I am finally old, I finally get to live. And love everything.


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8.28.2014,9:53 PM
Finding truth on the mountain
I reluctantly packed up my camp and headed down the mountain. During my 6-mile hike two days ago, a few epiphanies hit me, and a longing to stay there on that high savannah overlooking two gorges. There is a comfort in wildness and a solace in the isolation. And humbling to stand there with the wind whistling around you, instilling a timelessness that makes one feel old and born anew simultaneously. 

I had lunch at the historic Frenchglen Hotel, but found I had no voice. I left it up on the mountain with the wind. I let that speak for me.

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8.25.2014,10:42 AM
An Ethical Life
"A man is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred to him, that of plants and animals as well as that of his fellow man, and when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help." -Albert Schwitzer
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8.22.2014,10:51 PM
Fall is Coming
The Sandhill cranes are grouping and moving. Their calls in flight are haunting and beautiful simultaneously. I stood underneath them, looking up and smiling.

And this old primal itchy feet feeling arises in me, too, from deep inside. I can start to feel that urge for going, too. It has haunted me all my life, every spring and fall.

I wish I could fly.

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,3:09 PM
Call of the Wild
I awoke to a coyote orchestra, walked to work accompanied by the male Great Horned owl, watched an osprey swim in the sky and dive into the water for lunch, smiled at the sun peeking between clouds as it went to bed, and crickets chant me to sleep.

This is heaven to me.


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8.18.2014,5:49 PM
On the Road again. Road of Life.
This recent trip was my first solo camping expedition since 2009. It was the last snip off of old garbage, a rediscovered freedom; the old me surfaced and spread wings. It's been way too long.

I saw and met many new places, things and people. They all enrich my life. I will never trade this ongoing discovery for anyone or anything ever again. It makes me who and what I am and I am grateful I am living this life here and now.

THIS is how life should be. Living it.

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7.21.2014,8:37 PM
Back in business!!
Alright! Blog header image is back up and now we can move on!
Thanks again to good friend Lyle Gunderson for having a back-up of the image :)

I will try to bring the journey to Oregon and adventures in eastern Oregon up to speed over the next few weeks. Have two months to catch up on!!

Meanwhile, here is a teaser.

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