11.14.2007,8:17 PM
Day in the Life of a Dualsport

I don't wanna wake up!!!

Sheesh. Wasn't yesterday enough? My wheels ran all day! It's nice and warm just sitting here. I don't want to move. I'm just gonna cough for awhile when she presses my button.

Uh oh. She's growling....... Okay, time to ignite some gas and get ready.

I like to be warm before my wheels roll so I take my time. When she pushes my gas button in I choke some more and she pulls it out again. I have a hungry carburetor and it doesn't like cold.

Okay, I'm warm enough now. She has those funny clown pants on again and those tall boots. Man, those things stomp on my shift lever and pegs sometimes. Oh, and there's Red! He's like me, a 250cc and bouncy. He can go anywhere I can go, too. In fact, he's better at it than I am, but he waits for me when I lag behind. And he's kinda cute; all red and white........ I wish I were red, too, but I'm a drab green called "KLR Green". Oh well.

Whoah, here we go again! She likes riding me around the house and over the bumpy grassy stuff. Here comes the gravel! I like the way it crunches under my wheels. Those rubbery knobby things sure do grab and go! I wonder if she's gonna steer me over by the pond again. I keep thinking she wants to ride me down in there since the water is all gone. It would be fun! Down and whoop.... up! Weeheee!

Ho hum. We are going on that hard black sticky stuff again. This stretch isn't too bad; the bumps make for fun riding. But I have a feeling I'm in for a long stretch of black stuff again today.


Hey, what's this? I like this! It's bumpy and winding and rolling and...... what the hell is that? Oh great. She pulled off the road onto the grass next to it. It has big spiky things! And it's BIG! It sure looks stupid. I bet I can move faster than that thing......... But it's big.... Hmmm.......



She's got that little thing with the big long eye again and she holds it up to her eyes and presses buttons. She sure uses it a lot, and it must have tiny parts in it. My parts are bigger and make more noise. Especially now since that little thing was adjusted in my carburetor. I sound pretty cool and I can go faster. Not as fast as my big brother Whee, but Whee can't go where I can. That's why Whee is sitting home today. He's busy all week anyway; he needs a break.

Wow, there's long holes in the road!!! What are these? Good thing she stands on my pegs when we go over these. She likes them, too; I can tell. She likes those big bumps, too. I think she just likes standing on my pegs a lot. Good thing, too. Gets her off my back for awhile.


We're back on that black stuff again, but it's not too bad. But why did we turn around, then turn around again, and then again? Hey, get with it here; where are we going? Sheesh!!

Ick. We're at a highway now. I hate these places. Too many big stinky loud giant machines belching smoke and going too fast and going nowhere. And if one of them hits us, we're flat as this road. I like the dust and dirt better. But she needs to fuel up and so do I. How come she gets all the variety of stuff to eat and I only get a liquid diet of hydrocarbon stuff? No fair...... But my meal is cheaper than hers and I bet my fuel efficiency is better, too. Humans are terribly inefficient fuel users.

We're going back the way we came. Hey look! What are THOSE things?! They're staring at us.


Oops, we're off the road again and onto the grass. Hey, that man getting out of the big giant belching machine is walking over to us. He's asking about us! Heheh. He has one of us, too! He says he rides it around where he lives; I bet it's more fun than that big belching machine he came out of.

We're going up this black stuff road and we found this place with lots of green viney things. I like the road; it's between giant gnarly trees and leaves are everywhere.


Turning around again. Here we go! Yippee! A gravel road! Whoa; this is eerie in here with all these big trees. Cool.......



Ooops. Another gate. Gee, there are just too many gates around these parts. Not like the open gravel and dirt roads we ran on in that place in Tennessee. Now, those were awesome. But we're going someplace up north next week. She said we're riding in canyons. And there might be some white stuff called sssssnow. I don't now what that is but I hope it isn't cold.

Whoops! She rolled my go grip a bit too much and my rear wheel slid sideways. Well, at least its better than crashing into the hillside on that trail a couple months ago. That hurt my arms holding the front wheel. Then that big guy Bill took my bars and banged them against a tree and straightened them out. My rider sprained her ankle though when I fell on it. We hit pretty hard! At least she laughs about it.

Oh, now we're pulled over in front of a house. She wants to use that box with the long eye again. Now we're going inside the gate and she's getting off. More humans and lots of talking. Good; I get to take a break while she uses the long eye.



Uh oh. There's another big thing on four legs, but this one is different. Sure is pretty. Wait. There's a human on top of it. Is that some kind of machine like me?? Where's it's wheels????


Dang. Time to wake up again. We're off again. Down gray loose stuff and then onto black hard sticky stuff. That's okay, I can relax and run fast. So now where is she going?! She went off the road and onto a big grassy field! On top of a hill!


Wow, what a view! Hmm, I kinda like it here underneath these big trees with Red.



Think I'll take a nap.......

Oh crap. Time to wake up and go home again. Hah! She rode me on the grass and around the house again, standing on my pegs! heheheh.

We have lots of fun together.

Time for my blanket and snooze 'till next time. The canyons and camping! Woooohoooo!!!!

Y'all keep at least one wheel on the ground!

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