12.03.2008,8:13 AM
Lost in Motion
Where have I been? Everywhere I can be.

I'm still alive, immersed in work and riding every chance I get.

Balancing out the four months earlier this year of no riding. Just returned from four days in one of the most beautiful areas in Texas, rich in natural and human history.
Before my annual sojourn to Big Bend for the holidays, all four wheels (aka both bikes and myself) will be staying close to home. I need some time to catch up, breathe, focus and just relax. Clips from the many trips will appear in the next few weeks. My travelogues over the last few months have become chapters; much too long to post on a blog interface. Maybe a collection will appear on a website? A possibility. I treated myself to a Smugmug photo account. As soon as photos from the last trip are uploaded, I will post the link. Meanwhile, my poor laptop has had surgery and needs a new heart: a larger hard drive. And my daughter is engaged. I feel really old now.

Stay tuned for updates. I'm back.


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