1.01.2009,5:16 PM
New Year's Greeting
"The road stays still, it's the travelers that move....when they stare down into their futures, back into their pasts and almost, sort of, realize their role, kinda understand that until it's traveled, this road is no more than ink on a map, notes on a score, words on a page, than need to be felt, whistled, read into life." - Dan Walsh

Sometimes, at some point -time and space- something just grabs you and doesn't let go. I know what and where that is. And I'm caught hook, line and sinker. I know where I need to be. And it's here. Here is where I hang my heart and helmet.

Everyone have a safe new year. May the road bring you happiness and joy, no matter where you ride, no matter who you are.

Live from Terlingua, Texas! Happy 2009 Everyone!!!

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