2.03.2009,8:56 PM
Desert Rats in Big Bend: Canyons!

A Day in the Terlingua Desert


Hey. What shall we do today?

Long pause. Heck if I know. Sit and look at this sunrise for starters.


Now, is that awesome, or what?!

That must be one big mule for its ears to be sticking up like that.


We gonna get some rain?

Don’t know. Those clouds are sure low.

Looks like it’s sunny in Mexico. Want to go to Mexico?

I’m having a hard time moving anywhere right now.

I know what you mean.

There’s that scalloped plateau again. Funny how the top is scalloped that way.

Yeah. Don’t know how that happened. Looks almost like ripples. Petrified hard ripples. Oh, I know. Giant whoops. Yeah.

Need a darned big bike for those whoops.

Heheh. Want to ride the twisty gravel ribbon up there today?


Dang. I sure hate to leave this front row seat with a view like this.

What does Odie say about today? Let’s go ask.

Odie says go for a hike in Long Draw. Get your boots on. We’re going for a walk.

Many minutes of hiking and exploring over hills and down into the draw. Eventually.

Wow; this is cool! Look, coyote tracks everywhere. Are those deer tracks?

What kind of rocks are these? Ouch! Danged creosote bushes. Watch where you squat; those cactus thorns will jump right out and getcha.


Hey, look! It’s the cliff on Reed Plateau! Wow! It sure looks a heck of a lot bigger from here.

This draw is neat. No wind, too. Check out all this pebble stuff. I bet this is fun to ride on.

I don’t think I’d like to be down here when it rains hard…….

Whoa, look at these massive cliffs! And all the layers. What is all that?

Limestone, sandstone, sediments, dunno for sure. But this was the bottom of a large sea long before……well, a heck of a long time ago. Check out these fossils of shells.

Hey, listen. Hear what I hear?

Dudes! They’re riding down the draw bed!

Yup. And they’re still in one piece.

Hey, want to join us explore this canyon? Check out the basins here.

Not sure I’d want to be standing here when a flood of water rages through.

No, but it would be cool to watch it from the top. Then go for a swim. Maybe.

I’d like to sleep out on one of these shelves for a night. Set up a mattress and a bag. Now that would be awesome.

Yeah. And you’ll be cat food.

Hey, check this out! A cave! Let’s go!

Very cool! I mean that literally, ya know.


Hey, we need a light. I can’t see where I’m going.

Wait. I have a flash on the camera. Let me try that.




Whew. I think it stops there. What’s that stuff?

Can of beer and someone’s clothes. Must have had a wild night.

Man, I’d sure like more time to hike this canyon all the way to Terlingua Creek. Another time, I guess.

Mike, what are you doing?

Taking a nap.

Smile, guys!

Check this out! Veins of quartz. Awesome! Looks like liquid dripping off the cliff wall.

Man, look at that. I’m tellin’ ya. This is awesome here. I don’t want to leave.

You going to be a hermit in this canyon, too?

You guys don’t know what you missed! We found basins, caves, bats, and……. No, really!

Do we have to go now? Pout

I don’t know how I skimmed on the top of this stuff but as long as my front wheel stayed afloat…..

Well, it was here, see; and then here, and……

Bats? You guys are batty.

Well, there he goes. He makes that look just too danged easy.

Let’s get back before we become cat food. I’m hungry enough to eat a bat.

A howl –or two- in the night.

Goodnight, Moon. Goodnight, Desert. 'Evening, Coyote.

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