4.17.2009,7:37 PM
"On my way back home......"
When your heart sinks deeper, taking root, growing, blossoming, reaching outward and turning yourself inside out, it is a sign, a hint, a tap on the shoulder that whispers somewhere, echoing inside.......'You belong here.'

Many know that feeling, some may not even be aware of it. Until they leave. They just know they have to go back. And wait for that time when they don't have to leave.

I don't remember ever feeling so anchored to a place in a very long time, being both weighted and lightened by a sense of place, as I do when I am in the Big Bend region. Why?

I can list many reasons why, but they don't mean anything unless you've known that feeling yourself. I suspect friend Roger shares that sense. I can see it in his face and in his body when he opens his door in the morning, overlooking Long Draw, the Chisos Mountains on the southeast horizon, Reed Plateau's scalloped ridge rippling in the west, and various mountains dotting the Terlingua desert to the north. It's like reading a short story with no words. It commands you, devours your being and you're spellbound. By its richness, raw geology like strewn bones of the planet, crisp clean air and the solitude.

It's Home. It's Base Camp. It gives me -us- a moment of it's immortal existence to taste, savor and cherish. Yet, while the romance enthralls, it's unmerciful and harsh environment humbles us. It gives and it takes away, It reminds us who and what we really are.

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