6.17.2009,12:46 PM
Tennessee: Trails Through Time
Our first real day of dirt riding (Monday) was wonderful: miles of gravel road along the south and north bases of the ridge upon which the Cherohala Skyway was built. Whigg Meadow (and Buck Bald) are pilgrimages each time we come. It was satisfying in many ways. Riding back to Tellico Plains on the Skyway, we returned to Hunt's Lodge satisfied and tired.

The next day we rode an ancient trail and road known by four names:
  • The Wachesa Trail -an ancient main footpath from the Great Indian War Trail and the Overhill Towns to the Valley and Lower Towns,
  • the Unicoi Turnpike - built mostly on the same ancient Indian trail in 1813-1816, and
  • the Joe Brown Highway - a section of the first two trails connecting Coker Creek area in Tennessee and ending in Murphy, NC. The former two span from Georgia, through South and North Carolina, to Tellico, Tennessee. This area was the heart of the Cherokee nation where thousands lived.
  • The fourth name is Trail of Tears. Along this trail traveled three thousand Cherokee in 1838 as they were forced from their homes and marched thousands more miles to Oklahoma.

We started out from Hwy 68 in Tennessee, a few miles south of the campground, turned down a rough paved road and headed east down Joe Brown Highway. A real misnomer.

To be continued......

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