12.11.2010,10:53 PM
Oregon, Ho!: Neverending Falls
The last sightseeing stop on the trip to my daughter's place in Albany was a requirement. I remember well what it was like back in 1984 when we stopped on our way to the Valley. Now.........oh my, has it changed. It's almost like going to Disneyland: crowded, crowded, crowded, lots of pavement, too many cars/vehicles, traffic congestion, trinket shops, and..... so this seems to be the way of 'progress' for most extraordinary natural features.

Multnomah Falls: two tiers of falls from a creek on the plateau above. Tallest falls in Oregon (620') and originates from an underground spring on the mountain above. The foot bridge was built in 1914.

Another smaller falls is above the larger with a trail leading up. But with the crowds there, neither of us were in the frame of mind to deal with the ant line going both directions on the trail.

My ex-husband photographed the falls in the winter, when the place is usually people-less. It is extraordinarily beautiful in winter. 


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