4.23.2012,10:25 AM
Full Steam Ahead!
Like a steam engine, trudging forth packing, planning, panting. The house and my five acres of prairie sanctuary are sold. At a big loss, but in these times of economic downturn I took what I can get. I relinquish my rights to this place June 1st. And then step into another chapter, even if it is in the Transition Zone. 

In anticipation we now have a new 'home'; this time on wheels. A travel trailer worthy of living in for two adults and one big fluffy old doggie boy. It reminds me of a turtle carrying its home on its back. I was trying to think of a hybrid name encompassing a turtle and coyote, but thus far have only come up with Viajar Coyote (spanish for 'traveling coyote'). I'm hoping to find my artist friend Jonathan and hire him to paint a coyote and turtle scene on the front rock guard. 

Meanwhile, I devote at least an hour/day and most of the weekends to sorting, boxing, packing, and setting up the TT. I've done this way too many times and I do hope this is the last time in my lifetime. If not, I'm getting rid of everything and living in a teepee. 

The next five months will be full of transition leading to leaving the Dallas/Fort Worth area. For good. Una liberazione. Addio. Mai più.

Viva Terlingua!!!

Wiley gazes out the door of Traveling Coyote while parked at Lake Texoma.

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