4.29.2006,9:23 PM
Home and the Storm

Red is home. Safe in her stall, perched on a sheet of 3/4" plywood that lays on the dirt floor. She is blanketed by a vented bike cover; her trusty gas can sits beside her. Now we can bond even more. Such as cleaning and oiling the leather saddlebags.....

I have become proficient at riding the gravel road and driveway, navigating the corners, power walking on the grass enroute to and backing her into her stall. It 's a good thing I can squat again; these strong legs help back the bike in.

After warming up Red and donning gear, I rode out of the drive way and the gravel road to the main road. Entering and exiting here still makes me nervous. It's a 90 degree corner and oncoming vehicles can't be seen. Especially approaching the private road and turn from the east: vision of oncoming traffic is completely blocked. If I stop, I risk being rear-ended. I avoid entering my road from that direction.

Synchronizing the throttle and brake on the incline to the main road from the private gravel road and turning simulaneously was challenging at first but that was quickly mastered. I enjoy that thrill of opening up the throttle and shifting up to spurt forward on the backroads. I feel like a gazelle. Everything seems to fall into place then and it runs on the entire time.

This morning's storm brought in cold temperatures and gusting wind. I postponed my ride today until the ground dried a bit more, but the wind only increased. I was being buffeted from all sides except the rear from take off. It was a bit unsettling at first, but I brought my thighs and knees in closer to the engine, thightened my abs and relaxed my shoulders and grip. It reminded me of finding my center and balance when I was learning Tai Kwan Do and Tai Chi. The bike moved under and inbetween me, but my body maintained a flexible balance. I gave it room to move sideways under me, but it always immediate found its center again. Like the reed that bends in the wind and returns upright. It was also less wear on my body.

It was a short ride but a good and exuberant one. Cautiously turning onto the gravel, I put Red to bed. Time to fire up White Fang, the truck and go tool shopping. My favorite!
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