6.15.2006,9:08 PM
Rider's Education I
If we don't learn something, anything, each time we ride, then we are asleep.

Tonight's lesson was learned on the way home during a warm Texas evening as the sun was setting. Feeling brisk from a training session at the gym, my twist on the throttle was a bit heavy-handed, delighting in the nearly empty country roads. I even enjoyed the ride on the Snake from Hell Hwy (Hwy 820 NW, sometimes referred to as The Clusterfuck).

Tooling down a FM road (Farm-to-Market road for you non-Texans) at a clip fast enough to safely enjoy the corners with a good lean, I began my ascent up a hill bordered by horse and cattle pastures. Knowing this road well from traveling it twice a day, the bumps and ridges are imprinted in my reflexes. Typically I post on my bike when going over bumps of any kind. For you horse riders, you know what that is. For non-horse riders, I plant my feet on the pegs of my cruiser and raise myself off the seat. It's better for my bad low back and the bike's suspension.

Today's lesson: Don't wear loose fitting tank tops unless under a jacket. Or you may find your tank top completely up around your neck from posting over a rather large bump in the road. Good thing I had a bra on today.

I wonder if the black SUV a few car lengths behind got a cheap thrill. Or at least a laugh.
I laughed.
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