11.29.2006,9:47 PM
Texas Canyonlands I: Heaven
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When I try to describe or explain some of the places I've visited, ridden and hiked, words are inadequate; some places are just inexplicable.

I've been to Europe, around the US and Canada mutliple times. But nothing captivates as much as the canyons on this continent. If finances were not an issue, I think I could dedicate the rest of my life riding to the canyonlands in North America, attempting to capture the flavors, mystery, intrigue, wonder, and realities that exist in and around them. Both in words and in photograhic images. Both might express the imagery that I see and feel.

Although sometimes I'm just speechless; I can only stand and stare, soak it in and feel it. It's the same as riding the bike. I can't explain that, either. But I know what it feels like. I open my mouth and nothing comes out. There are no adequate words to express it. Other times it pours out from my fingers during a moment of inspiration, or I relive it through photographs.

Some people have their churches, holy structures, places of sanctuary and solace. Mine are on the bike and in the canyons.


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