4.01.2007,7:43 PM
A Desert Night
A Desert Night

Tabblo: Desert Night

Nothing can compare to the magnificence of the desert as it travels from day to night. Changing constantly; the expanse of the sky a light show with changing colors and the land below a canvas. Ridges aglow with copper or golden hues, shadows slithering across hills and basins, mountains and canyons where shadows play hide and seek, a dark gray-blue squall in the distance where the horizon blends with the translucent falling showers, a forbidden rainbow, mesa tops bathed in light with their skirts in darkness, the depth of clouds orchestrating their own color scheme.

You stand on a desert hilltop and feel alone in that universe, treated to a symphony that no one else can see, hear or feel, and know that those moments will never be the same again.

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