8.13.2007,12:54 PM
Get out of our way!
I don't rant here much. Who wants to hear/read someone bitch all the time? I surely don't. I'm sure most of you don't either. Regardless, occasionally the venom spews forth not to proselytize but to shake the tree and direct attention to an issue.

My pet peeve is people. Or, more accurately, people's behavior. On the road and off; it's parallel. Common courtesy and respect become more archaic every year. We preach tolerance but practice intolerance, compassion and deliver arrogant rudeness. We push, shove, cut in front of, cut off, cut in pieces and run over anything that stands in our way. For what? Work? Progress? The next dismal moment in the race for Hell?
"Hey, I'm on my cell phone and not paying attention but you'd better get the fuck out of my way!!"
"My way is the right way!.....Phhtt....what do I care?"

What have we become?

I'll let Davin deliver my sentiments. We're in agreement here.

Get out of my @%^&! way by columnist


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