8.05.2007,9:07 PM
Dramamine Roads
While I was packing the side bags with groceries today, a man in the truck parked next to the bike rolled down his window and asked:
"I see that 'piggy trail' sticker on your bike. Is that one of those high winding roads in Arkansas near the springs?"

"Yessir; it is Byway 23, running north of I-40 up into Eureka Springs. Nice road."

He laughed and nodded. "My wife and I spent our honeymoon up there long time ago. I drove down one of those byways and she had to take dramamine. She still kept her eyes closed and held onto the dashboard; didn't see a thing the entire trip. She kept asking, 'Are we done yet??'.
You rode that motorcycle on those roads?"

"Yessir, I did. All three: 23, 21, and 7. I liked the one in the middle the best; Byway 21. Only passed three cars the entire road. The rest of it was mine."

"Yup, I can see how a bike would be really nice on those dramamine roads. You're really out there in it, not like being boxed in a car or truck.
Wish my wife could have enjoyed it, too."

I like his naming of the roads: Dramamine Roads.

Yessireebob. Those are dramamine roads, all right.
Good thing he never took her to Colorado.............
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