11.29.2007,4:54 AM
You drive like an idiot!
Sometimes people just piss me off. On the road. Their rudeness to the point of stupidity and endangering not only themselves but others on the road leaves me infuriated.

I'd like to get some stickers that say "I drive like an idiot" like these: 'I park like an idiot'. Distribute those on offending vehicles; they may wake up the drivers to their behaviour. Maybe not. Some people are like puppies and you have to rub their noses in it.

Oh, to the Texas Department of Traffic and Safety: Rather than constantly display "This sign is under test..." on the big LED highway boards, why not use them to remind drivers of safety and courtesy? Such as "Communicate your intentions. Use your signals!"

Can't we all just play nicely?


posted by Macrobe
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