4.08.2008,8:30 AM
Mule on anesthesia
In a few hours my ankle will have a metal plate, screws and pins. And I'll be sick as a mule after eating rotten alfalfa. It's not the surgery itself I mind, but the anesthesia. My body doesn't like it. After today and tomorrow, I should be 'normal'. (Which raises the question: What is normal?)

Motorcycle content will be taking a hiatus for awhile on the blog, hopefully allowing time to catch up on a few recent trips and adventures. Now I have an excuse to sit on my ass and write. I also intend to play with video editing software to compose a short video on riding.

Meanwhile, check back once in a while. I can assure you content will be varied and maybe host a few surprises. I may not be able to ride the bikes, but I can still write.

Watch out for ruts, now; ya hear?


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