3.16.2008,9:26 AM
I think I know where I am!
A common question I ponder aloud is: "Where am I?" Not that I am worried about being lost (except for once when the gas gauge was low), but mostly so that locations are retained in my head for future consideration. For instance, I spent hours locating the proposed Desert Rats' Camp Site using three maps (Google maps Terrain view, Google Earth and paper maps), photos I took around the site and memory. If I had a GPS then simply pressing a button "Mark" would have placed a waypoint on the exact location.

Months ago I had blogged about a Garmin mapping GPS, model 60CSx. Last November I borrowed one from a fellow rider and learned the basics of operation during a local hands-on class sponsored by REI. I liked it! Unfortunately, even the lowest price found on the Internet was unfordable for me so it was put on the 'Wish List'. I had priorities to spend money on.

I never really subscribed to the old cliche, "Good things come to those who wait". 'Waiting' often involves 'inaction', which usually results in nothing, sometimes offering convenient justification for people's avoidance of action (or being self-responsible) or for procrastination. So I don't really buy the idiom. However, it rang true in this case.

Two weeks ago I received an offer of first dibs on the very GPS unit (including mounting hardware) I had used in the course. Hardly used, and at less than half the cost of a new one, I could not afford to turn the offer down. So now I have a new (to me) module of my brain on my Whee.

The unit is loaded with City Navigator maps (NT, version 8), but I still have to purchase the database software to construct routes with waypoints and points-of-interest. That has now replaced the unit on my Wish List. Tires and a rear shock for the bike come first.

I am slowly learning all the functions of this little gem. Today I will use the GoTo and Navigation functions while riding to Bill's house where I will be tearing into the engine searching for the source of Tweety Bird.

Detailed reviews will be posted later as I gain more experience in using this little gem.


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