8.20.2008,9:11 PM
Sounds of Silence
Finally, after weeks of humid days with temps in the 100's, we have a reprieve. Rain. Cool air.

With most of the house windows wide open during the past few nights, the chorus of frogs, birds, insects and coyotes make Wagner's operas seem like children's murmurs. Absent is the noise of the cities and towns. Even the occasional vehicle going by is drowned out by the music of the night critters. Many say it's too silent out here. It's anything but. And I love the sounds of this silence.

My life lately has been work, rehab exercises and sleep. Repeat. Too hot to do much outside except quickly move from one air conditioned box to another. Except for short jaunts on the Sherpa in the cool hours stolen from the weekend mornings, my bike riding continues to be at the mercy of a body trying to recover from three months of captivity in a tall black splint boot. Although only the lower right leg was encased in the boot, the entire right side of my body fell apart, too. We're slowly putting the pieces back together; all the King's horses and one of the King's men.

Last Saturday I started my quest to trace the Butterfield Overland Trail (1858-61) through Texas. Although this one-day exploration was unexpected, it was full of surprise and reward. I even saw my first rattlesnake. And met two Apaches. But more on that later.

A group of local riders gethered together last Sunday for BBQ lunch and watch the DVD Get Lost: Oregon, my favorite motorcycle movie. It was a thoroughly enjoyable time.
I promise a post with an account of last Saturday's adventure this coming weekend when I have more time.
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