7.13.2008,6:08 PM
Sherpa camper
Sometimes you just have to give in to reason. Well, that's what I've been told.

I rode the Sherpa this morning to fill it with gas, have a leisurely coffee and read at Starbucks, and, well, to just go for a ride. It made me reconsider my hope to ride the Wee-strom to the next TWT Pie Run in two weeks.

I discovered I still can't back the bike. My right leg is weak, including my glutes (butt cheek muscles), and both leg and foot are very unstable. Even using just one leg and foot on the Sherpa demands all my concentration and effort.

I won't be ready to ride the Whee-strom for awhile yet. Especially with the added weight of camping gear. So my plans have been revised to ride the Sherpa, camping gear and all. By that time, the squats and other rehab exercises should improve strength and stability in that leg and foot.

This will be the first time I've done a camping trip on the Sherpa. I have to plan how to carry minimal gear: tent, pad, bag and some food to eat for the evening and morning. Limited space prevents me from packing a stove, so I'll have to hunt for coffee first thing in the morning. I can't survive without it.

I'm excited.

"On the road again......."


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