2.16.2009,9:12 PM
Back in Business
I've meant to do this for over a year. In the last few years, and more so lately, people I've met on my journeys have asked for a business card. I stopped to chat with two riders on GS bikes when I was riding back from a camping trip on the Colorado River (the *other* Colorado River) over a year ago. The topic of writing came up and one rider asked if I had a card with my name and contact info. I did not have any. His buddy chimed in with the comment that I was talking to a well-known Texas publisher and writer. (although I didn't admit that I was not familiar with his name.)

Several requests for business cards during my stay in Big Bend last Holidays prompted me to act. So I ordered a test batch.

It's been almost three years since I wrote for hire or sold an article. I dropped out of the fickle fitness/nutrition industry after eight years of writing for them. Now I hope to break into a new genre.

I guess I'm back in business.

Biz cards front

Biz cards back


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