5.21.2009,12:08 PM
Too Fast
No, not the bikes. My life.

The last few months have picked up speed to the point that life is spinning way too fast. I have no life anymore except those few stolen hours, or a day here and there, when I can lasso time and slow it down. And breathe.

This pace has gained momentum now for the last several years, but now speeds out of control. Partly because I am in the process of changing that pace. I suppose I have to speed it up to slow it down. In time. I look forward to that change.

In the mean time, I have been able to visit three Texas forts. The most recent two were part of a three-day bike and camping trip. The first was an enjoyable camping trip with a friend and his dog. Two of the fort visits were during their re-enactment and living history events. Despite that I still have not finished choosing photographs during these visits, I will start a series of posts and hope to complete them before leaving for Tennessee in two weeks.

Or is that wishful thinking?

Let's begin.
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