8.27.2009,12:32 PM
What is Home?
Home is where I hang my helmet. People often ask me "Where are you from?" or "Where is your Home?". My answer depends on who asks the question and where. Because I'm from many places, and many places are my Home. At work, most people ask "Why do you live 63 miles away from work?" Now that answer is very concrete.

So then, what is Home? It depends. And it is this question, as well as the answers, that intrigue me. I like to learn what makes a 'Home' to other people.

I knew a man that lived in Ohio. He grew up there, married there, lived there and I'm sure he will die there. Despite that he was well connected to the rest of the world via the Internet, radio and television, he simply did not like to venture from his home town. In essence, the world revolved around him and his Home.

I know several people who, like me, are vagabonds, nomads, adventurers, travelers, what ever name you want to call us. Many places can be 'Home'. While traveling I may often stop and immerse myself in a locality and feel 'at home'. Often, I may genuinely feel as though "I could live here!." And I may hang my helmet up for a few days, weeks, months, years to make the place my Home. Or, perhaps, the place makes me 'Home'.

I believe some places become part of us, we become a part of places. They take on a deep meaning; sometimes we may not even be aware of it. All we know is, we are Home. It may be a nesting place, a stopping place, resting place, crying place, losing place (where you can submit and lose yourself to a place), happy place, a moving place, sometimes a sad place. There may be times when our Home is not where we live. There are many layers to what we call 'Home'.

I invite you to ask yourself what Home is, what your Home is, and what you might like your Home to be. Ask yourself what you feel -your senses, those feelings that you might not even be aware of everyday, and contingencies- and what you think -awareness, intentionality, goals, hopes, etc.

What is Home?


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