9.18.2009,9:12 PM
Have Cup Will Travel: Finale


You might recall the references to Greenwood throughout this thread. We seemed to return there, intentionally and unintentionally. I still don't know why, but the small sleepy shady town seems to have a magnet hidden there. We were drawn back again.

It was the tail end of our weekend jaunt away from busy life. We knew we had to head back soon. I think that tended to instill a quiet lassitude in the three amigos (one amiga). It was hot; we wanted some shade, lunch and relaxation. So we rode more gravel roads, bridges and dust.....

.....and realized we were full circle.

There was the pavilion, the store, and the magnificent hanging canopies of the sleepy little town of Greenwood. And no sign of life, not even a lay sleeping dog.

We parked the bikes under the shade provided by one of the giant trees in the town park.

Seeing a picnic table by the creek, we decided to have lunch; in style!

While Ed and Bryan chatted and relaxed, I got up to investigate a subtle noise that went 'thump, thump, thump'. It was rhythmic and sounded like a machine, but no one could recognize what it was. I went to find out.

Waaaaaaaay back in a field, behind trees, was an old old Texas grasshopper: an oil rig running on an old old gas engine and belt driven.

Meanwhile, Ed had conjured up his new camping grill outfit. After getting the coals hot in the fold-up fire bowl, and setting up the fold-up grill, yummy brauts were grilling on top.

We ate our brauts (they were delicious!!) and then cleaned up. Here's the portable grill cleaned up and ready for packing.

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