9.18.2009,8:28 PM
Wet Bee
A busy bee flew on a long journey through Oklahoma and Arkansas. On the way back home, the sky began to cry. The bee got wet, which slowed it down. Nevertheless, the bee still enjoyed the flight.

When the bee returned, relaxed and refreshed, the sky cried more and more. For eight days, the sky has cried, soaking everything below it. The bee's antennas got wet and don't work, its wings are wet and soggy. So the bee doesn't go anywhere except to work and gather honey. Waiting for the sunshine to dry its wings and fix its antennas.

I'm the bee. I returned home to over a week of rain and I keep thinking I'm back in Oregon (where it rains all winter). The satellite Internet service is out at home and we can't trouble shoot it in precipitous conditions.

Meanwhile, I've been reading a lot and remembering what life was like BI (Before Internet). And I finally get my eight hours of sleep every day.

Excepgt for this reprieve of free wifi at a local Barnes & Nobles, I'm disconnected :)


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