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Texas Dualsport Roads Project
It was one of those cases of writing before thinking. Sometimes that can be a bane. Other times it works out to be not a bad thing after all. Depending on whose perspective. Regardless, my second thought was, 'Why did I just do that?'

Several riders on Two Wheeled Texans and Adventure Riders forums collaborated on constructing an interactive Google map of roads. The emphasis was on gravel roads with a secondary mixture of interesting paved roads for dualsport riding around the Austin area. It quickly grew to include the well-known Hill Country west of Austin. The interactive map includes narratives, photos and even videos associated with specific roads and their features.

It was such a success that a another rider started a separate Google map for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. That has now grown to encompass north, west and east in what is referred to the Lakes Region. A few riders mentioned it would be nice if both maps could be interfaced. It was then an idea popped into my head and it immediately manifested out of my fingers on the keyboard; "I can do that for you guys."

During my ongoing website chronicling my recent two-week trip to Big Bend (December 2009), I learned how to use Google's new website-building function. I rather like it. It allows me to consolidate posts, photos and material in one site. It also offers greater control and manipulation than a blog format. In the future, I intend to use Google's website functions for specific interests and connect them with the blog site here.

Regardless, I still have not finished the website for Big Bend. I'm barely finished with Christmas Day. I still have almost seven or more days to do. I still haven't finished going through all the photos I took during that trip. I had no business volunteering to construct another new website.

But I did. And it is well on its way. It is a dynamic and changing site dictated by changes in the maps and the addition of more areas in Texas. Heck, I might even add another project I am working on: The Chisholm Trail: A Dualsport Route. I'm a glutton for punishment.

Without further distraction, below is the link to the new website for dualsport roads in Texas. Special thanks to John Ford for the front page photograph; that's Ed and I joyfully careening through Terlingua Creek. I think John liked the water crossing, too. (more on that later in the BB website)

Off the Beaten Roads in Texas

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