2.13.2010,11:05 PM
Too Much White Stuff
I woke at 4:45am Thursday to see four inches of snow on the ground and it was still snowing. I called in to work that I would be late. It snowed all day. I did not leave my yard. I lost internet service around mid-morning. Snow fell all night.

I woke Friday morning to 12 inches of snow and.........cold. Power was out. I learned later it went out around 10pm the night before. I looked outside to see everything covered in snow, and called in to work that I would not be in today, either. I made coffee and breakfast on my camp stove. I went out to play in my winter riding suit, which is like a snowmobile suit. I used up an entire set of batteries in my camera.

Around 2pm I attempted to move the truck closer to my private road to drive out Saturday morning for work. I couldn't find my driveway and got stuck; both right tires off the winding gravel driveway.

I recruited my neighbor, Kirk, to help pull me out. Before we did that, we chased down a Tri-County Electric company truck to tell them about the blast and flash of fire I saw in the woods while walking up Kirk's driveway. We had power for about 15 minutes before another transformer blew, which was what I heard/saw.

Back to my truck: the neighbor down the way with the cows drove his huge John Deere tractor over to pull my truck out (his rear tires are nearly as tall as I). He got stuck; about a foot or so deep in mud. Kirk went up and drove his Bobcat down to pull out my truck and the John Deer tractor. He got stuck. They tried back and forth to get themselves or each other out. I stood there and controlled my expression of horror as my lovely prairie grass and ground was destroyed by gigantic tires.

After another hour or so, the Bobcat got out, then he pulled the big tractor out. I parked my truck at the end of my long drive, just before turning onto our private road. So I can jump in the truck in the morning and make it out to the county road, which is a soupy mixture of slush, water and gravel. I hope. Without getting stuck. I hope. Two hours after I first went outside, I went back in exhausted, boiled some water on my camp stove and had a cup of hot coffee with cocoa.

Now it's six-fifteen o'clock and the power just came on. Good thing because it is only 50 degrees inside my house. I wish I had a woodstove or fireplace. I camped for two days and didn't have to go anywhere. Just lacked a campfire.

Oh boy.

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