6.27.2010,7:08 PM
Historic Iris
After a few years of attempts photographing flowers, I had pretty much given up. I can't seem to 'get' macro photography with a digital. It was much easier with the old Minolta SLR.

While finally tracking down (literally; we ended up on two-track) the old Fort Griffin town cemetery ('Boot Hill'), all the headstones were engulfed in seas of white iris. It was awesome. Finally got to those photographs today (from April; tsk tsk) and found two shots that please me. I especially like the interplay of white in light and shadow, but I think the background really does it.

Bill Hise, this is for you (for our many discussions re: technique). I don't have a clue what I did; I don't remember and wasn't even trying. But 'it' worked.

Another, but less favorite than the one above. And an example of the cemetery.


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