6.01.2010,10:06 PM
This episode is interrupted to deliver a not-very-important message. You can choose to go find some popcorn or wait several more days until I have time to continue the stories. Life has been busy.

This past weekend comprised of a return trip to Fort Griffin area which was by far, very rewarding. I was joined by Ed on his KLR and Brian on his Big Dog (BMW GS). Since my pelvis is still not completely healed, I remained bikeless. I did, however, go exploring in the Jeep Cherokee with Buck the Dog. But the rest of that story is for later. 

I admit nearly all of my free time is spent tending a little veggie patch in the front cow pasture, reading and reading, building a deck/porch, culling through too many years of 'stuff' to go to a huge garage sale (Goal: Empty the house), and seaching for everything I can find on the Internet regarding the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route. 

The impetus for the latter is The Kid (TM), aka my dear lovely daughter the motorcycle mechanic, is getting married in September. The plan is for Ed and I to take the little bikes (DR350 and WR250R) to Oregon and spend nearly two weeks in the back country off-road. Yessiree! I am getting excited. 

I will be posting more about Fort Griffin, Camp Cooper, the Butterfield Stage Station (which I found!), and other tidbits of historical legendary Texas. In the meanstime, I will unveil the work in progress (I'm slow as a turtle these days): Desert Rats 2009, a website containing stories, history, photographs, trials and tribulations of the Desert Rats riders in Big Bend over the winter holidays of December and early January. That might keep y'all busy for a little bit. 

Resume your normal browsing now.


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