12.11.2010,11:08 PM
Oregon, Ho!: Salty Air, Murals and Salmon
Salty Air

The three of us -Ed, Tanaya and I- headed out early one morning for the coast. Newport on the Yaquina Bay has always been dear to me for many reasons. Yes, it's tourist haven in the summer. But off-season, the place is still a small-town, fishing community. It offers all the coastal treats: large bay, deep sea fishing, yummy food, light house, waves smashing against the cliffs, beach sand, rivers and streams, parks galore, artsy places, marine science center... it has it all.

Winding our way along the road that traverses the coast range, where long flags of moss hang off tall trees alongside the streams, and the smell of spruce and fir fill your nose, the first glimpse of the ocean is cresting the hill over the coastal town. Almost straight in line of your vision ahead, on the horizon, is the ocean water. Then below, you see the tops of roofs and spires of the bridge crossing the bay. On the way down, salty air and smell of fish and seaweed fill the air. It sure made me smile.

Our first destination was lunch. I've told Ed all about Mo's restaurant many times. One of my favorite haunts and the best clam chowder west of Maine. We wound our way down to the bay front street and found an easy place to park; we were quite early and places weren't even open yet. So we passed the time walking the street and exploring the piers that overlook the bay.

We heard a weird barking noise and sure enough, the sea lions were playing on an rocky outcrop in the bay.


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