3.24.2011,9:24 PM
Goin' Refugin'
Life has been piling up again. As it is wont to do. Little piles here and there; we trip over them, fall down, pick ourselves up and go on. Some times the piles stick to our feet, which we then drag along with us. Shaking that foot doesn't seem to dismiss the stuff that piles are made of. 

Other times the piles are suddenly dumped in front of us as we are walking on our merry way. Stop! Now we have to find a way around the big pile and hope we can stay on our path. 

I've pushed the many piles aside for a few days. I leave all these piles behind while I seek relief and comfort in a place where other mammals call 'Home'; a wildlife refuge. I will visit their places of comfort and ask if they will share with me. This time, they will be my teacher and I, their student.

In the last few months, I've decided to return to a path from my former life, B.C. (Before Cities). My many years living in Maine taught me how to 'read,' follow, listen and 'talk' with the wildlife. We shared a 'home' there, and I hope to do so again in the near future. This time, that 'home' will be primarily the desert and semi-arid grasslands. I have much to learn. I am a Tracker in Training.

My bike is packed and loaded with camping gear, camera, pocket videocam, notebook and guide, Mammal Tracks & Sign: A Guide to North American Species, by Mark Elbroch. Mark is a certified tracker and Cybertracker evaluator. My goal is to earn tracker certification within the next two years. 

I'm ready. And so is Wiley. My little trickster buddy will accompany me again on another visit to the Wichita Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. 

See you after we return.

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