1.24.2011,9:14 PM
Prairie sanctuary
 It was a good weekend. Went to Dallas for something other than work: live music. Three of us had dinner at Cafe Brazil and then went to the Kessler Theater for a music venue. Our favorite swing and jitterbug band - the Jitterbug Vipers - played on stage.Their performance was the best yet. Baby Angus hung out with his Mom, Sarah, while she sang. Angus wore ear plugs in both ears and loved the attention. He fell asleep after their first set.
The theater was owned and operated by Gene Autry for many years. A tornado took off the roof and partial stone wall in 1957. It then became one of those many old buildings that slowly fall back to the ground from which they sprang, looking like neglected and abandoned children that never reach their full potential. Two young Dallas entrepreneurs renovated the building and its door reopened in 2009. The white bar stools are more comfortable than they look.
Sunday, I turned over half of my garden. The parsley has rejuvenated and the spearmint is going crazy. I will have to dig up almost half of the spearmint. Mint is a natural repellent for many insects (especially ants); works great around foundations to repel ants (and makes great tea). I'll be giving away rooted mint cuttings for others to plant.
Mondays are always 'Monday'. That transition from a too-brief time with real life to conscription. It is always better when I drive in and hear the crunch of gravel under my tires, coyotes yipping and owls hooting. The deer that bed down by the pond don't even both getting up anymore when I pull in. The owl was roosting on my satellite dish again. I like my little wildlife sanctuary. I can be wild, too.


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