6.06.2011,1:10 PM
Dirt Track Productions - Motorcycle Chang pa
Dirt Track Productions - Motorcycle Chang pa

Filmmaker Gaurav Jani is back. From his solo motorcycle journey, Riding Solo To The Top Of The World, from Mumbai, India, to China, and one of the remotest places in the world, the one-man film unit is on the road again. This time a full year in the Changthang desert in the Himalayas. Having watched and delighted in the first two narratives of adventure, attended a local showing of the second movie and chatting with the Jani and another rider, I eagerly await this next adventure documentary. These far outshine the Long Way Everywhere movies and riders. Jani and his friends experience genuine adventure and serve as inspiration that real adventure is still out there. 

Follow the links above to the website of Dirt Track Productions to glimpse into the passions of these adventure riders and enthusiasts.


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