6.07.2012,9:33 PM
Ode to a Prairie
Thank you, Prairie.
For sharing your grasses, storms,
sunsets, howling wind, pounding rain,
full moons, birds, and wildflowers.
Thanks to my friends;
the pair of Great Horned owls
that graced the fence posts
outside my windows.
To the coyotes that answered
my howls and pooped on my gravel drive.
To the deer that bedded down
in the tall grass
next to the pond.
To the skunk that got me twice.
To the fox and turkeys
that passed by on their way.
To the remains of the towering
cottonwood that succumbed
to lightening.
Thank you for letting me stay
in your midst for eight years.

I will miss you and the ghosts
of the bison that thundered
on your stems.
You have taught me much
about the high prairies,
and I mourn your loss under
the blades as they scrape you away.
But your moonlit nights with
gentle breezes will always
stay with me.
Even in the desert
which will soon be
my new


posted by Macrobe
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