8.06.2013,7:38 AM
Letters of Note: Live like a mighty river
I have always said that when the child inside you dies, so do you. Ted Hughs encourages in a letter to his son to nurture the child inside. And he explains why. Read the entire letter by following the link below.

"Everybody tries to protect this vulnerable two three four five six seven eight year old inside, and to acquire skills and aptitudes for dealing with the situations that threaten to overwhelm it. So everybody develops a whole armour of secondary self, the artificially constructed being that deals with the outer world, and the crush of circumstances. And when we meet people this is what we usually meet. And if this is the only part of them we meet we're likely to get a rough time, and to end up making 'no contact'. But when you develop a strong divining sense for the child behind that armour, and you make your dealings and negotiations only with that child, you find that everybody becomes, in a way, like your own child. It's an intangible thing....."

Letters of Note: Live like a mighty river
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