6.16.2014,12:33 PM
Looking through a window
I left the box almost running through the door, ready to throw myself through the window. I ran hard and fast, mind and heart in turmoil, while trying to breath slow and steady. ‘Maintain, focus,’ was a repeated mantra in my brain, while my spirit fought with my heart and my mind as the referee.

In one corner crouched the Dark Fury yelling and exuding anger. Bright Song huddled in the other corner with an aura of calm resolution that soothes torrential storms. In the middle of it all, an old woman stood on shaking ground with her palms held out to the corners. Although her balance was precarious, each foot drew from underneath her the power of the ground that rooted her like an ancient tree.

Dawn Treader rose in the sky and spoke to the trio, “Bend like a willow and remain strong like the oak. Be true to yourself. Remember that which is drawn up through your roots and nourishes the leaves. Embrace the sunlight as it gives you life, while relinquishing to the night for rest and rejuvenation. Let the rain wash your sorrows and failures off you, but retain their memories as lessons that eventually form the fruit and seed. All these become new leaves, branches and roots. These are the parts of you that enable you to grow. Your fruit and seeds become new adventures and experiences, shaped by all that is you. And in the shelter of your strong trunk and canopy will those that seek peace find solace and strength. Including the spirit, the heart, and the mind.”

As I moved further away from the box, I was able to look back and see the past as if it were a movie in slow motion. Sometimes we can’t see our paths because we are on them. Too caught up in beating off the pesky bugs, avoiding slippery floors, cleaning up the spills, fielding intrusions, trying not to trip on obstacles, polishing the surfaces and sometimes sweeping dirt under the rugs. At times we look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “What happened? What am I doing here? How did this happen? Why didn’t I do something else?”. Some of us avoid mirrors.

Looking through the window of the box I saw a story unfold. And the old woman inside began to feel the ground underneath her settle. Dark Fury and Bright Song approached her and held her hand in theirs. A connection formed that flowed between them, surrounded them and melded them. As a breeze blew over them, they bent and straightened like a large thriving tree.

I turned and walked slowly away, finding my path, and wandered on, unafraid of turns and hills. In my pockets, I carry newfound fruits and seeds that nourish my journeys. And scatter some along my way.

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