4.09.2014,11:26 AM
A-Z Challenge. Daily blog posts.....
.....are a real challenge for me. I had originally planned to post them on this blog. Because this blog still utilizes the Classic template (Blogger) and does not conform to the criteria of the official Challenge, I easily revised the template of my original blogsite, Whose Reality Is This?. And am now posting daily (except Sundays).

Today is the letter 'H'. And today's post is 'H is for Heart.' You can follow future posts in this Challenge series by subscribing to the blog site linked above.

"Embarking on a path may be full of uncertainties. But if we have heart, and we know that our direction is true; if we accept that we may have to change course along the way, and if we learn from all the obstacles along our path, then that path has heart. And as we journey forward, we become stronger and whole; and more happy." - excerpt from today's challenge post. 


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