8.31.2014,10:47 PM
I am alive
When I was little, I talked to animals.
When I was a child, I asked why.
When I was a teenager, I lived in books.
When I was a young lady, I wrote poetry.
When I was a mother, I marveled at creating life.
When I was middle-aged, I juggled life's demands.
When I was older, I asked why and changed the answers.
Now that I am old, I talk to animals, rocks, clouds and water. I ask questions and smile at the many answers. I travel in books, on wheels, and through airwaves. I write poetry and prose about all the demands that were and a new simple life. I capture what I see in words and pictures, and fill my heart with family and good people. I play with animals and fly with birds. I might wear different colored socks, sing in the shower, or fill my hours with no human voice but with sounds of wind, birds, trees, and water.

When I am finally old, I finally get to live. And love everything.


posted by Macrobe
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