10.06.2014,11:23 PM
Leaving Serenity
My last night in eastern Oregon was spent boondocking at Chickahominy Reservoir, managed by the BLM. It was a quiet evening and peaceful night. A nightcap to my summer in southeast Oregon.

The next morning I drove north to Santiam Pass and into the Willamette Valley. Along the way clouds and fog slithered over the the Three Ladies of the Cascades (Three Sisters), like a lover's fingers embracing the peaks of these mountains. I could almost feel their fingers along my own skin. These geological ladies have always made me smile, especially during hikes along the bottoms of their skirts. I have slept at their feet along the shores of Scott Lake, the eerie and enchanting sound of loon calls lulling me to sleep.

I love this country. It is wild and free, diversified with desert basins, giant trees and subliminal coasts; deep expansive canyons, blue glistening lakes and rough run but life-giving rivers. One can stand in wide open skies or stoop small like a hobbit dwarfed by giant trees, and spread your arms like a hawk standing on the edge of a mountain rim with the scent of bighorn sheep filling your nostrils.

This is the land of freedom if you want it.You can get lost in it and never feel alone.

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