2.13.2018,6:45 AM
The Dutchess!
Watching 'The Last Dukes' on PBS. Of Britain, of course.
All the pageantry, fuss, regality, enormity. The gigantic, and I mean very pregnant domiciles with pom-pom shrubs and expanses of green lawn (where's the sheep?).

I proclaim myself the landless Duchess of Nevermore! I reign over the snow piles pure from male dogs, the crows announce my presence, and I march with a shovel in my hand! 

I pay homage to Noone in the Kingdom of Winterblust, and the emblem for my duchessdom is a lake monster: a howling wolf with fins and a weird tail. My peasants are the birds, but they seem to have left for greener territory. How jolly can we be!

Where's my kilt?............
posted by Macrobe
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