3.14.2018,9:23 AM
The Echo Chambers
Quotes from a newly released book — “Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Democracy” by David Frum, a senior Editor at The Atlantic.

A few excerpts from the introduction:

“President Trump has plunged the government of the United States into chaos that enhances his personal power.”

“He has persuaded millions of Americans to ignore information they need as fake news from a corrupt media.”

“He has allowed foreign states and local politicians to tamper with the integrity of American elections to his own benefit.”

“He demands that high officials disregard the law in favor of personal loyalty to him.”

“He has concentrated power in the hands of military men—better men than himself, but not the right hands for the job of civilian government.”

“He has alienated allies, appeased large enemies, and goaded small ones to the edge of war.”

“He has brutally inflamed the ethnic and class divisions that empowered him in the first place.”

“He has enriched himself in government in a way that disheartens every honest public official, and invites dishonest ones to imitate him.’

“But that cannot be the final word—and it will not be. We can choose our futures, not merely submit to them. Past generations of Americans have faced and overcome severer tests.”

We already know. But then again, what we know, and believe, flies in the face of what Teumo’s followers know and believe.

I don’t listen to the daily scandals and drama anymore (in all politics). It’s just as insipid and nauseating as the drama and gossip encounters in middle and high school. Their voices are talking heads and most what I see and hear is dirty laundry. I pay attention to what they do, and don’t do. And I’ve stepped out of the echo chamber.

Perhaps I’m jaded and disillusioned.  It is astounding and incredulous that in today’s modern world, and in a country that contributed to human and ecological advancement, people can be so hoodwinked, blind, and self-centered, even at their own deficit.

Rather than having my energy drained, it goes into what I can do, especially at the local level and with my votes.
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