5.12.2006,8:50 PM
A Friday Ride to a Full Moon

We almost collided with a vulture this morning.

I rode home into the setting sun, down my country road in the darkening dusk with all the heavy smells and cool air, rounded the corner near my place and there in the middle of the horizon was the biggest fullest moon. It was if I was going to lift off the road and ride up to that moon. It made my spirit soar. I didn't want to pull in the road/drive, but keep on going.

I love traveling under a full moon. It's magical. It makes everything during the day melt away, and you are naked, blending in with everything around you as it comes alive. Its as if the boundary between day and night is blurred, with the background transposed. On a bike, that is even more pronounced. It's like a different world, one you only read or dream about. Now you are a part of it and it a part of you. The world that others don't see. It's *your* world.

I could have ridden on forever.
posted by Macrobe
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