6.25.2006,12:11 AM
Why I Ride Alone
For some of us, our bike is our lover. The horse with wings, our shadow. It embodies a freedom from ordained reality and rejuvenates our soul. The juxtapositional bonding of flesh and machine. The rumbling of the engine and our voice united. A thrill on the roads that leads into a new dimension of time and space, flying in a blue dream, or a stairway to a full moon at night.

The smells, the sounds, changes in temperature, tasting the air, quickly changing colors and shapes, the feel of the road and dirt underneath your wheels and seat, fleeting shadows and the shadow that always rides with you. We run through space and time bombarded with sensory inputs, little time to think about them, only time enough to feel.

Riding is the hawk in flight, the eagle in hunt, the wolf on the run. It is our wild chase for life. It refreshes the spirit inside while straddling that rumbling engine and bumbling through life on two legs or four wheels. What we feel is so intimate that expression is inadequate. Like two lovers wordlessly making love to each other.
It just 'is'.

It is why we ride.

It is why I ride alone.
posted by Macrobe
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