8.24.2006,12:31 PM
Riding is good medicine

We know it’s good for the soul, but what about the body?

Fighting a constant urge to throw up, I commuted in the truck yesterday. I passed four bikes in the darkness that morning, my gut clenching further for not being on my own bike. That longing fought with the other urge. I wondered if I could roll down the window fast enough to hang my head out if need be.

The urge became a ‘compulsion’, but I rode the bike this morning anyway. It was nice to be back on two wheels despite that the ride over the bumpy pasture presented a challenge in keeping my coffee down. Riding in the dark, enjoying the cool of the morning, I realized the distraction of the ride overwhelmed the compulsion and my coffee and stomach settled. I smiled when thinking of another positive reason for a modular helmet: the convenience of flipping up the full-face front quickly enough to throw up over the side of the bike.

Riding a bike must be good medicine for the body as well as the soul.

The ride on the train was hell.
posted by Macrobe
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