8.05.2006,7:05 AM
Oh No!!
Both of my favorite magazines arrived the other day. Usually diving into New Scientist to read the feature articles and latest issues in science and technology, it was put on the counter to wait until after I devoured Bike.

After a quick skim through the August issue, I immediately focused on the 400-mile endurance race ridden by the Bike staff to celebrate their 400th issue. Each rider was instructed to buy a 400cc bike and given 400 pounds. Each was allowed brake pads, tires, chain and sprocket for free, but any other mods or repairs had to be done by the rider or come out of their budget.

Bike followed the riders in their search, acquisition and preparation and the race in three issues. I read with glee each including proffered comments by the riders. The photos were hilarious.

Reading about the actual race while on the train to work the other morning, I grinned widely and giggled the entire time. I felt as though I were right there taking part, and wished that I had been.

Bike, you rock!
posted by Macrobe
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