8.08.2006,9:05 PM
Ride With Me
Another long busy day in my new position. I was beat. The intended training session at the gym was postponed; a perk for being your own trainer. Riding the city stop-and-go traffic, Whee and I bonded again. The new handlebar, lower front end, sheepskin pad back on the seat.......it all fell together again. Our Zen stops are reacquired. We (I and Whee) were on a roll.

Even before entering the busy highway, the stress from the day melted away. The gears were magic in my hands and foot as if they had their own notion of timing and revs, like a thoroughbred bolting out of the gate and finding its own pace. Sailing the highway on two wheels with the engine whirring and singing between my legs, a smile grew on my relaxing face to stay.

Typical of the northern Texas plains, the wind was relentless. I have come to like the wind while riding the highway; it has become an old friend. When you find that sweet spot of meshing yourself, the bike and the wind, its a game of push and pull, tuck and lean. Tonight the wind beckoned: "Come ride with me."

And I did.

I passed my exit and rode several miles to another exit and a road that would take us up higher; elevate us above the highway and plains below. I knew the wind would be ferocious up there, but it beckoned and we rode with it. The vistas of rolling plains, the dichotomy of gas drilling rigs punctuating the sky, the darkening blue horizon edged in fushia.... I was grinning by the time we reached the highest point in the road. Despite the battling against the tossing wind. It wanted to dance with us, but I just wanted to ride. And we did.

I turned on one of my favorite roads, the dusk tugging at our heels and the day noises giving way to the night. I crossed the highway heading for home with the tree canopies on the side of the road reaching at us out from the darkness. The wind pushed us home and bid us farewell until another day when it beckons us again, whispering in fading brushes against my face and hands: "Come ride with me again someday".

We will, we will.
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