10.06.2006,11:35 AM
Full Moon Ride
I walked out the door and there it was: a full moon.

"Good morning," I said smiling. "I see you are still up and shining bright."

"Yes, of course. I was waiting for you."

"Why, thank you! And to what do I owe the pleasure?" I asked.

"I'm going to ride with you."

With a big grin, I beamed, "Wonderful! Let's go!"

Uncovering the bike, I stashed my work togs in the sidecases and started the engine to warm while I donned my gear. The moon lit the ground around me to and from the house as we prepared to ride. Seated comfortably, we slowly rode off the gravel and onto the grass to ride around the house and onto the gravel drive. On we went, around the corner to the tarmaced road, gravel crunching under the tires and the engine singing a morning song.

On the road, the moon rode with me, above in the northwest sky. As we rode into and out of curves, the moon danced around us, sometimes forward, sometimes next to us, and finally it settled in behind us.

As we rode along the farm road, cutting between pastures and forests, over creeks, and up and down hills, the moon shifted side to side behind us. Jumping from one mirror to the next, illuminating our way ahead. Our shadow rode with us, by the light of the large full moon. Dancing from side to side, our shadow in front of us, growing big and then small as if it were a cloud in a storm changing shape in a wild wind.

We rode into town and glimpsed the moon shimmering in the lake, like a light bulb in a black mirage. The moon was everywhere and still there, in the sky above us. And like a wild rollercoaster ride, we rode on..... the moon and I.

Into the light of a new day.

"I'll see you tonight!", I yelled into the air speeding by me.

"Yes, you will. You will see me tonight to guide your way."

Into the light of the moon.


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