12.01.2006,11:57 PM
Gestation Period Again
"Wanting to travel reflects a positive attitude. You want to see, to grow in experience, and presumably to become more whole as a human being....As a vagabond, you begin to face your fears now and then instead of continuously sidestepping them in the name of convenience. You build an attitude that is more rewarding, which in turn makes it easier to keep doing it. It's called positive feedback and it works."
- Ed Buryn
This is the time of the year when work is the gestation period for future travels: thinking about journeys, making preparations, stashing away funds, making notes to yourself, perusing maps, tie up loose ends, dream about points of interest and roads to ride, shedding the old to lighten the load. It's also the time to confront problems you might run away from. An opportunity to fix this or that, modify or customize for comfort and safety, settle financial and emotional debts. So when its time to travel, you aren't running away from life, but on the road to discovery of your real life.
About yourself and the world around you.

The first of December started with a challenge from the moment I awoke and relented only late in the evening. At the end of the day, I realized that such challenges will repeat themselves. But each day is a part of my anti-sabbatical. And I'll weather them all until it's time to go.
And so will you all.

Each month now has a goal, or two, always subject to change. This month is Project Month:
  • * Install the fuse box, mount two sockets and rearrange the electrics to accomodate heated gear.
  • * Make a false exhaust with a cap to mount on the left side of the bike where I can slide the tripod and the tool roll.
  • * Pour over maps to plan the June and Sept rides to and from Moab. This, of course, must remain flexible. My last trip I changed the route only two days before I left and am glad I did.
  • * Unload possessions that haven't been used in months and are unnecessary. Time to lighten the load.
  • * Plan for the next month's projects (skid plate, dash and volt meter).
  • * Did I already mention pouring over maps?


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