12.21.2006,10:33 PM
Oh deer me
Riding up the gravel drive in the cold dark I see two alert heads above the tall grass by my pond. One sports a large rack of stubby horns. The other, sleek and feminine. Dark round eyes reflect the headlights. And we three look at each other. In silence, except for the low hum of the engine.

I switched the high beams to low while watching the two deer, one a good-sized buck. They were bedded down next to the pond, content, but wary of me and ready for flight. I crept by slowly. I didn't want to disturb them. As if I had guests in the house and didn't want to wake them.

They are welcome guests in my 'house' and I hope they find that spot comfortable and warm for the evening. I gladly share my five-acre 'park' with most all the creatures here: the bull that visited for a week, the dog that wanted to adopt me, a nesting pair of great owls, flocks of white cattle egrets that adorn the grass better than pink flamingos could; even the skunks are welcome as long as they stay clear of me.

Benvenuti amici! Accomodarsi!

However, the fire ants..............


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